A powerful fraud prevention solution that protects your business account. Our Positive Pay Service is a comprehensive solution covering both check and ACH fraud and allows for verification of checks presented at our teller line. Subject to additional terms and conditions.

Positive Pay


  • Protects your business from financial loss
  • Reduces administrative time and expense investigating fraud
  • Automates fraud monitoring, replacing manual daily reconciliation efforts
  • Safeguards your reputation
  • Meets return time-frames for unauthorized ACH and Check transactions

System Features:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Multi-user access with specific levels of authority
  • Flexible check file formats
  • 365 days of historical data
  • Stale-date monitoring

The Coop cares about the safety and success of your business so we offer this service free of charge.

What is…

Check Positive Pay:

Check Positive Pay matches the checks you issue with those presented for payment. Whenever you issue checks, you will enter the check information into Positive Pay by either uploading an issue file or by inputting individual check information. This information includes the check number, check date, dollar amount, and payee name. As checks are presented to the bank, Positive Pay compares each check with the information on file. If any of the check details do not match, you will receive an email alert prompting you to review the exception item(s) and make a Pay or Return decision for each item.

ACH Positive Pay:

ACH Positive Pay monitors ACH debits to your account based on rules that you establish for your various vendors. Vendors that you send regular payments to can be added to an Approved List. Positive Pay also allows you to include optional monitoring criteria for approved vendors such as maximum dollar limits, frequency and start and end dates. Vendors that are not authorized to withdraw funds from your account may be added to the Blocked List. Whenever an ACH debit transaction tries to clear your account that does not meet the rules you have established you will receive an email alert prompting you to review the exception item(s) and make a Pay or Return decision for each item.

If you’re interested in learning more about Positive Pay or would like to have this complimentary service added to your account, please reach out to your Relationship Manager or nearby Branch Manager-Small Business Specialist. Our team is happy to provide you with personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific needs!


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