There’s a difference between being a bank on Cape Cod and being a Cape Cod bank.

Banking Local Matters.

It is our strongly held position that the community banking model remains not only viable, but vitally important for a healthy local economy. The deposits at community banks go right back into the local economy, providing loans to help businesses start, grow, and expand, to help folks purchase their homes, and to help parents finance a child’s education. Community banks also support local organizations. Whether it’s collecting food and toys during the holidays, volunteering and giving back, sponsoring a local band concert, parade, charity fundraiser, little league team, or countless other worthy causes, local banks share their success with the communities they serve. Regional and national banks serve broader geographies and the support they provide many times is focused on other areas.

Community bankers provide local knowledge and expertise. Generally, community bank board members and management are residents of the communities they serve. Decisions are made locally by people who understand and appreciate the uniqueness of their particular market area and the impact those decisions can have on the local economy. Cape Cod is a special place, and it’s important to understand the unique business climate here. This understanding and appreciation comes with local ownership – board members and managers who are Cape Codders. That’s community banking.

There are only a few community banks whose only focus is serving Cape Cod. We’re happy to be one you can count on. Thanks for banking with The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod…we’re here to stay. And, if you happen to have family, friends, or business associates who aren’t banking with The Coop, and if they believe in supporting the local economy as well as the organizations and causes that Cape Codders care about, please encourage them to give us a try…and Bank Local. There’s a difference between being a bank on Cape Cod and being a Cape Cod bank.


Lisa J. Oliver
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod