Video Transcript: What are the benefits like at The Coop?

What are the benefits like at The Coop?

James Quitadamo: The Coop offers a comprehensive benefit package. They’re very competitive in terms of health insurance, 401(K) match, and all the things you would expect.

Jessica Terry: My favorite benefit is definitely the flex spending account. Being a mother of three children and having unexpected expenses come up throughout the year, such as braces or if somebody gets injured, that can happen. And I’m very grateful that I have that option for the out of pocket.

Rob Brackett: Now that I have a 401(K) to be prepared for my future and save for retirement, I feel like I’m on the right path now.

Christine Parent: The dental program is outstanding as well as the eye care program. Whenever I go to get my eyes checked, they always tell me what a wonderful program it is.

Sarah Duffany: At the end of the year, I get a fitness reimbursement for my gym membership through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Ana Brodeur: My favorite benefit is the tuition reimbursement. I worked really hard to get my associate’s degree. The Coop was there every step of the way.