Video Transcript: What career opportunities are available at The Coop?

What career opportunities are available at The Coop?

Christine Parent: I think right now a career in banking is a great opportunity to start at any level and continue to grow.

Kimberly Olson: You can take so many different avenues in banking, whether it’s working on the retail side facing clients, if it’s working in the operations as far as being the support team for your retail clients.  I think there’s just so many different avenues in banking. And I’ve really enjoyed my career thus far.

Jessica Terry: I joke with people because I’ve been at the bank for almost 20 years, and I tell them that I’ve basically grown up here. I’ve really appreciated the opportunities and the flexibility to grow my career, and the bank has always supported what that path looks like for me and I love that.

Donnie Robicheau: There’s everything from sales operations, lending, human resources, marketing. There’s a lot of different opportunities within the Bank itself.

Ana Brodeur: The Coop will give us the tools, the resources, that we need to be successful.