Video Transcript: Culture

What is The Coop’s culture?

James Quitadamo: I think one of the best things about The Coop’s culture that sets us apart from other banks is the individuality that I can bring to the table. My thoughts, my differing opinions, are always welcome. We’re constantly trying to go the extra mile, not only supporting our customers but supporting each other.

Jessica Terry: We’re all a team here. And like I say to people I feel like it’s a family, and we’re always collaborating and trying to make the clients’ experience better.

Carrol Bradley: At other banks, employees are really competitive. At The Coop, everyone works together.

Ana Brodeur: We are more of a family. First day may not feel like your first day. You may feel that you’ve been there for a longer time.

Christine Parent: It gives you the small business feel, but we’re a larger institution on the Cape. From the president has an open door policy, all of senior management, and my input is heard.

Chris Cataldo: It’s a way that respects the dignity of the person, and that makes all the difference.