Video Transcript: A Great Place to Work

What makes The Coop a great place to work?

Chris Cataldo: What makes it a great place to work I think it has to do with quality of life. The work-life balance, the ability to be there for the family but then also be there for the work family.

Christine Parent: Well, I grew up here, and I really wanted to give my children the same experience I had growing up on Cape Cod. It’s a wonderful place to live, and now I’m able to live and work here and support a family.

Jessica Terry: The Coop just cares about people first and foremost, whether it’s their clients or their employees.

Rob Brackett: My first day I was blown away by just how nice everybody was. I really love it here.

Sarah Duffany: I really enjoy working with people on my team. They’re goofy and fun, but they can be serious at the same time.

Kimberly Olson: I really look forward to working with my team, seeing what my day is going to be like because every day is so different. It’s just such a friendly atmosphere. It’s just a really great place to work.