Earn higher interest rates for larger balances with our Premier Money Market account. This tiered-rate money market checking account is designed to reward new and existing clients who are building a financial relationship with The Coop. Enjoy premium rates to grow your savings faster! See below for qualifications.

Safety and Security. By combining FDIC primary insurance and DIF excess deposit insurance, we are able to provide our depositors full insurance on all deposits, no matter the balance. Visit our FDIC and DIF page for more information on how FDIC insurance is calculated.

Why Choose a Money Market With The Coop?

  • Earn interest on all balances
  • NO monthly service charges
  • Tiered rates reward higher balances
  • ALL deposits insured in full by the FDIC and DIF, ensuring full deposit insurance on your deposits
  • Only a $25 deposit to open account(s)
  • Interest compounded and credit monthly with variable tiered rates interest bearing accounts
  • Check writing privileges. Set up automatic “Self Pay” transfers from your checking account

For ACH electronic transfers/debits setup through non-Coop accounts (utility bills, car payments, gym memberships, investment services), please select “Checking” as the account type to ensure your Money Market account is credited or debited correctly.

Premier Money Market Qualifications:

Clients must meet the following consumer relationship requirements within 90 days:

  • The primary account holder must be an owner and signer on a consumer checking account or a consumer money market account with us, that is not a Premier Money Market account (“Accompanying Account”)
  • This Accompanying Account must have at least two (2) deposits and three (3) withdrawals post and clear the account within the first ninety (90) calendar days of account opening.
If these deposit and withdrawal requirements have not been met within the 90 calendar day period, the primary account holder will no longer be eligible for the Premier Money Market account, and the Premier Money Market Account will be converted to our Positively Different Money Market account.

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Rates effective July 22nd, 2024
Premier Money Market
With a daily balance ofWhat you get
Interest RateAPY*
$0.01 - 24,999.991.27%1.28%
$25,000 - 99,999.992.96%3.00%
$100,000 - 249,9993.20%3.25%
$250,000 - 499,999.993.45%3.50%
$500,000 - 999,999.993.69%3.75%
$1,000,000 & up3.69%3.75%
* All rates and Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are accurate as of the rate effective date and are subject to change without notice. The Annual Percentage Yield is the rate at which an account would earn interest over a one-year period if the stated interest rate remained in effect and all interest paid on the account was left in the account. Interest is compounded monthly on all accounts. Fees on your account could reduce earnings. Rate(s) may change after the account is opened. Certificates of Deposit are subject to penalty for early withdrawal. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Minimum deposit of $25 required to open account, except for Premier Savings Account which requires a minimum deposit of $1,000 to open.

Deposits insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF). All deposits are insured in full.

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