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Megan MurphyMegan Murphy is the owner of Megan Murphy Coaching, a coaching and business consulting company, and the founder of The Kindness Rocks Project.

Megan is a women’s empowerment coach, business mentor, kindness activist, meditation instructor and lecturer. Megan is a Certified Professional Coach and SCORE certified mentor earning her coaching certifications through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and is a member of the International Coaching Federation ICF.

As a certified coach, Megan cheers on her clients, holds them accountable, and shows them “tough love” when they need it. She works on a strategy to uncover what’s holding clients back from living the life they were meant to live. By working with Megan, clients get clear view on who they are – their core beliefs and values – what they want and where they want to go.

In 2015, Megan had an epiphany during her morning walk: To paint and drop inspirational messages on beach rocks for others to stumble upon and find the encouragement they’re looking for. The Kindness Rocks Project was born. The project quickly went viral and has been featured in international publications. The Kindness Rocks Project has grown to include speaking engagements, curriculum, podcasts, books, videos, and more.

“This isn’t about me. The project is about people,” says Megan in a 2017 interview. “It’s about after people find a rock and they have that feeling about the rock and realize there’s another human being who actually gets them. They realize they are not alone in this world.”

In October, Megan is starting a new project: The Kindness Rocks & Smiles Community Project. She’s launching it via a “community participatory art mural kit” that will empower people to cultivate conversations surrounding mental health in their communities around the world to help end the stigma. Learn more at

Megan resides on the Cape Cod with her husband, three daughters and two dogs.

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