Corporate Giving


We know there are many needs across Cape Cod. As a community bank, it’s our goal to be a positive member of the communities where we live, work, and play by providing some of the support our local nonprofits require to execute their missions. To that end, we believe that The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod has the greatest impact and truly makes our communities POSITIVELY DIFFERENT by abiding by our Five Pillars of Giving:

  1. Art & Culture
  2. Children & Families
  3. Conservation & Preservation
  4. Health & Elder Care
  5. Veterans & Hereos

These Pillars cover a lot of ground and allow us to be nimble in our giving. Our Corporate Giving program focuses specifically on sponsorships of programs and events. The majority of our funding will provide a platform for us to promote both the organization we support and the Bank. The Bank’s Corporate Giving mirrors the mission of The Coop Foundation by cultivating vibrant and thriving communities, so we favor requests from organizations that focus on creating sustainable initiatives and programs that will leave a lasting impact on the lives of Cape Codders. For us, it’s more than only giving money…it’s about providing warm clothing to underserved families, transportation for our veterans, prevention and education to our young people, and many more tangible ways to support the organizations that support Cape Cod.

Types of Giving

We receive many requests throughout the year. In order to qualify for funding through our Corporate Giving Program, please be sure your request falls within the following categories:

Annual Support

  • Clear branding opportunities in exchange for funding
  • Opportunity to partner in multiple ways throughout the year
  • Provide opportunity to have “ownership over a program or event
  • Examples include scholarship funds, annual levels of support (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc), season sponsorships (such as sports teams), and underwriting annual collateral
  • Normal request amounts are between $500-$5000 per organization per fiscal year

Event Sponsorship

  • Events with clear branding opportunities in exchange for funding
  • One-time events to raise money for a community loss or specific initiative, as well as annual fundraisers
  • Examples include annual dinners, galas, fundraisers, and disaster relief
  • Request amounts normally don’t exceed $7500 per organization per fiscal year


Event sponsorship requests must be received at least 8 weeks before the event in order to allow adequate time to review and process, and properly promote and gather materials for approved requests. We strive to serve the community and understand that sometimes there are last minute needs. To that end, we request as much time as possible and allow us a minimum of one week to respond.

Our Corporate Giving Guidelines are simple and straight forward:

  • We’re proud that 100% of our giving stays on Cape Cod. We only support organizations that benefit year-round residents of Barnstable County. 
  • The request must be for a special program, project, or event that has direct publicity for the Bank in the form of banners, social media mentions, press, program ads, etc.
  • We recommend including the full suite of sponsor levels in addition to a specific request to sponsor at a certain level.
  • The request must meet a clearly defined need for which adequate support is not otherwise available.
  • We expect requests for support will be reasonable and in line with the scope of the project or the number of people who will benefit.
  • Requests must be made through our electronic form. We provide no guarantee that a paper request sent through the mail or through direct email will be reviewed.

Additionally, we’re committed to supporting organizations that do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, genetic information, U.S. veteran status or active U.S. uniformed service, or any other classification protected by law. We seek to fund programs and projects with a demonstrated, tangible record of success, so we reserve the right not to support:

  • Annual appeals
  • Ad Book campaigns
  • General operating support
  • Individuals
  • Salaries for non-profit executives
  • Religious organizations, including restoration of church buildings
  • Boosters and PTA’s
  • Labor, fraternal and veterans organizations (including fraternal orders of police/firefighters)
  • Political organizations or projects
  • Operating deficits
  • Governmental and quasi-governmental public agencies or organizations


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For more information on our Corporate Giving, please contact:

Christina Bologna
Community Relations Officer
25 Benjamin Franklin Way
Hyannis, MA 02601
Phone: 508.568.3326