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Business Toolbox: Cybersecurity Vigilance Must Always be a Priority for Consumers and Businesses

Since 2004, October has been declared Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the United States.  While the designation serves as an annual reminder for consumers and businesses to assess vulnerabilities and risks for cyberattacks and breaches, we must be vigilant every minute, hour, day and month throughout the year. Cybercriminals are on the prowl constantly from around […]

Student Debt Relief Fraud

You’ve probably already heard about the new government plan that will forgive some federal student loans, once it’s up and running. Also in the news: the federal student loan payment pause has been extended to December 31, 2022. But scammers are watching the news, too, so know this: you don’t need to do anything or […]

Mailbox Fishing Scam

Mailbox fishing scams have increased across the Northeast, and unfortunately they’ve made their way to Cape Cod. The scam generally takes place at USPS drop boxes, the blue mailboxes with the pull-down drop door. The pull-down door on the USPS mailboxes makes it far too easy for criminals to fish out your mail. There are […]

Cybersecurity in Times of Uncertainty

With recent events in the news, we know you have questions and concerns. One of those may be about cybersecurity. Am I more likely to come under attack? Am I at greater risk? We don’t have all the answers, nor do we know what will happen next. But we do know from a cybersecurity perspective, […]

Virtual Conferencing Safely and Securely

What is Virtual Conferencing?  With so many of us now working from home, you are most likely finding yourself remotely connecting with your co-workers using virtual conferencing solutions like Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. Your family members – perhaps even your children – may also be using these same technologies to connect with friends or […]

Securing Your Mobile Devices

Overview  Mobile devices are an amazing and easy way to communicate with friends, shop or bank online, watch movies, play games, and perform a myriad of other activities. Since these devices are such an important part of your life, it is essential to keep you and your devices safe and secure. Securing Your Devices It […]


What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that is designed to hold your files or computer hostage, demanding payment for you to regain access. Ransomware has become very common because it is so profitable for criminals. Like most malware, ransomware starts by infecting your computer, most often when you open an […]

I’m Hacked. Now What?

Have I Been Hacked?  No matter how secure you are, sooner or later you may have an accident and become hacked. Below are clues you might have been hacked and if so, what to do. Your Online Accounts Family or friends say they are receiving unusual messages or invites from you that you know you […]

Avoid Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

Unfortunately, when events such as the current Russian/Ukrainian crisis dominate the news, cyber-criminals also take notice. In times like these, you should be on high alert for increased Social Engineering Attacks. The article below comes directly from the Department of Homeland Security CISA Team. What is a social engineering attack? In a social engineering attack, […]