Video Transcript: The Hair Lounge

Ashlee Cunningham: I’m Ashlee Cunningham, and I own The Hair Lounge in Falmouth. We specialize in low maintenance color and extensions.

I worked here as a stylist for four years and then I bought the salon during the shutdown. I just felt this space was magical in a way. And I knew that I wanted to take it over. I basically opened my business in parking lots because nobody was allowed to be inside or even within six feet of each other.

The Coop was very helpful in 2020. They answered any questions that I had. We have all of our business checking and savings with the Bank. And I also opened up personals just because it made everything so seamless. I felt like they really wanted to help me, and I wasn’t just another account to them.

When clients walk into our salon, they feel welcome. And I feel the same way when I walk into The Coop.