Video Transcript: 2022 Visionary Award Lisa & Richard Oliver

2022 Visionary Award Lisa & Richard Oliver

Sheila Vanderhoef: A visionary is someone who doesn’t see things as they are, but sees them as they could be.

David Weidner: When I think of Lisa and Richard, I think of sun. I think of spirit. I think of unity, and I think of neighborhoods.

Auggie Napoli: My name is Auggie Napoli, and I’m president and CEO of the United Way of Greater Cleveland. And I’m delighted to bring greetings to Lisa Oliver and her husband, Richard, from all of her friends here in Cleveland.

Steve Cundall: And talking to the folks in Cleveland, we heard all about what you did for them over a long period of time not only for Cleveland United Way but for the community in general. And I just want to thank you for bringing your love of the United Way here to Cape Cod and for supporting us the way that you have.

Gene Guill: I received a call from a friend at Keybank to tell me that Lisa and Richard are moving to Cape Cod. They’re terrific people. I encourage you to meet them, and so I did.

Vanderhoef: Lisa and Richard not only made the decision to come to the Cape, but to invest in and become part of this wonderful community.

Guill: They moved to Cape Cod and hit the ground running. They brought along their energy, their experience, and their curiosity. They’re making our community a better community.

Weidner: The spirit that Lisa and Richard bring to every project that they touch and every community that they serve is incredible.

Vanderhoef: Lisa and Richard exemplify one who sees the needs, desires, and potential in others and works to assist in the fulfillment thereof.

John Oliver: I think the best way to say how my parents have given back to their community is to say quite simply by them just being there.

Matthew Oliver: Seems like anywhere you guys move to and go, you’re recognized for being a crucial parts back community.

Vanderhoef: They have shared their energy and expertise in so many areas in an effort to contribute to the Cape and make it a better place.

Guill: Together Lisa and Richard bicycle, kayak, snow ski, visit the world. Lisa is focused energetic, caring and committed. Richard is a runner. He has run 24 marathons, and I understand 25 is not out of the question. He’s also a history nut. He is forever reading books about our founding fathers, the great industrialists, inventors, and social movements. One time he confessed to me that he may be clueless, but he is seldom bookless. If Richard ever asked to pick the wine at dinner, by all means let him do so.

John Oliver: I think my parents have such an unbelievable skill, which is no matter where life takes them, wherever they find themselves, whether it be Kingston, New York, or Cleveland, Ohio, or beautiful Cape Cod, they make it their priority to embed themselves in that community, to support that community, to give back to that community. And I think above all celebrate that community with not only themselves but with the people around them.

Vanderhoef: They have embraced and invested in the Cape community and really deserve this honor tonight.

Weidner: They truly bring unification and support, and they really do the workings of the United Way.

Guill: I’m pleased to offer my congratulations to Lisa and Richard as the recipients of the 2022 visionary award.

Kathleen Murphy: The contributions that the Olivers have made to not only this region but across the commonwealth, and in particular through Lisa’s involvement on the Massachusetts Bankers Association Board of Directors, and for the leadership that she’s providing on behalf of the industry, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lisa and Richard Oliver for this much deserved award.

Cundall: Congratulations on receiving the 2022 Cape and Islands United Way Visionary Award. Well deserved.

Vanderhoef: Lisa and Richard, my congratulations to you tonight, and it is my honor to know you and my pleasure and honor to participate this evening.

Weidner: Thank you, Lisa and Richard, for being the sun, the spirit, the unity, and the neighborhood that we need.

Matthew Oliver: Say I love you guys. Congratulations and get ready for a fun uh weekend of celebration for you guys.

John Oliver: Congrats, Mom and Dad, love you.