The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod is celebrating “Teach Children to Save” with savings education online. Established by the American Bankers Association Foundation in 1997, Teach Children to Save and the Foundation’s other financial education initiatives have helped reached 10.5 million young people through the commitment of more than 260,000 banker volunteers. Today, we’re focusing on careers in banking.

Who has met a Banker?

Everyone who works at a bank can be considered a “banker,” but the people who work there all have different types of jobs. Some, like tellers and branch managers, work with customers. They help customers do things like open accounts, get loans of money from the bank, and answer questions. Others work behind the scenes in areas like technology, legal, and human resources. These people make sure the bank runs smoothly and helps its customers.

The 4 C’s

Often it takes a team of bankers working together to solve some of the challenges we face at the bank. And you need to use the 4 C’s:

Critical thinking:

  • Seeing various parts of a problem
  • Evaluating information and beliefs
  • Asking questions that clarify points of view or lead to better solutions


  • Articulating thoughts and ideas effectively
  • Listening to decipher meaning
  • Using communication to inform, motivate, or persuade


  • Using a  range of idea-creating techniques
  • Creating new and worthwhile ideas
  • Being open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives
  • Viewing failure as an opportunity to learn


  • Respecting others’ opinions or contributions
  • Being flexible and willing to compromise to accomplish a common goal
  • Assuming shared responsibility for collaborative work

Why are they important? Being creative, working collaboratively, thinking critically, and having strong communication skills are important in banking and many other careers.

Let’s Try It Out

 “Bee a Banker” App Challenge: If you’re are concerned that you don’t know enough about careers in banking, this makes you perfect for this challenge! What would you need the app to do/have for you to learn what you currently want to know about careers in banking? After downloading and printing the worksheet below, take 10 minutes to brainstorm using the 4 C’s.

Banker's Challenges: The "Bee a Banker"



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