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Gene D. Guill

Member - Board of Directors

Gene D. Guill retired from Deutsche Bank at the end of 2012. During his career, he held positions in economic research and consulting at Stanford Research Institute, Wharton EFA, and DRI/McGraw-Hill before joining Bankers Trust and eventually Deutsche Bank. While at Bankers Trust and Deutsche Bank he pioneered the use of risk-adjusted analysis, credit portfolio models, and the active management of credit risk using credit default swaps and asset securitizations. He served as chairman of the International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers and president of the New York Chapter of the Risk Management Association. He was a member of the editorial advisory board of the RMA Journal and a practitioner associate editor of the Journal of Applied Finance. He is currently the co-director of the RMA/Wharton Executive Risk Management Program. Gene received his Ph.D. in economics from Duke University. Gene has been a Corporator since 2017 and was appointed to The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod Board of Directors in 2019.