The Coop teams up with Falmouth Chamber of Commerce on affordable housing

The Falmouth Chamber of Commerce in partnership with The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod and Falmouth Community Television produced a three-part series aimed at educating the community on why housing is an issue that is affecting us all.


Episode 1

Stakeholders within the Falmouth Community discuss the increased challenges for businesses, health care, schools, public safety, and the scientific community in attracting and keeping employees due to the high cost of living.

Episode 2

Housing leaders from Falmouth and across the Cape gather to discuss the roadblocks in creating more affordable housing, including zoning and public perception. They also focus on educating the citizenry on the different types of housing and why we need a balance of all to maintain a community that families from all incomes can afford to live in.

Episode 3

We examine possible solutions from local affordable housing developers, architects, Select Board member Onjale Scott Price, and the Falmouth EDIC including discussion of what other communities have done to address this issue.

Additional Resources

As a homeowner, how do I get started to build an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)? 

  • An ADU is a self-contained living space or apartment in a single-family home that is either attached to it or in a separate structure on the same property. They have been recognized as effective solutions to provide much needed affordable housing while generating revenue for homeowners as they become landlords in the comfort of their own homes.
  • The Coop has implemented flexible qualifying guidelines to streamline the ADU loan qualification process, including allowing the use of projected rental income to be considered with the applicant’s existing income. Financing for an ADU can take either first or second lien position depending on what best suits an individual’s needs. Applicants must also present evidence of a town-issued building permit and copies of construction plans and specifications.
  • Visit our ADU webpage for more information.

Falmouth Housing Corporation

  • The Falmouth Housing Corporation‘s goal is to research and advocate for the production, maintenance, support, construction, rehabilitation, financing, and improvement of affordable housing and housing programs in Falmouth, for the benefit of persons of very low income, low income, and any other persons in need of assistance.

Falmouth Housing Trust

  • Falmouth Housing Trust is an independent nonprofit organization. The Trust is not affiliated with the Town of Falmouth or other housing organizations, but collaborates with them to promote and develop affordable work force housing in our community. With an eye toward small, strategic projects, we acquire properties and create housing to fit into the landscape of our community. Our housing is rented or sold to qualifying, working individuals at affordable prices.

Housing Assistance Corporation

  • Housing Assistance Corporation was founded in 1974 as a pilot project to test the use of rental vouchers to help secure housing for year-round workers on Cape Cod. Since that time, our programs have expanded to assist more than 175,000 low- and middle income households on Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Homeowners interested in creating an ADU can contact Housing Assistance Corporation or visit for technical assistance in determining what they can build on their property, connecting with contractors, landlord support, and possible financial incentives to help further offset construction costs.