The Mortgage Process

Thinking about moving forward with a mortgage? To simplify the process, we’ve outlined some of the standard documents needed to process a loan application and included some suggestions to help the process move smoothly and quickly. Have questions along the way? No matter how big or small, we’re here to answer them all.

Meet the Team!

Residential Mortgage Loan Officer: This person will discuss your wants and needs, review your employment, income, credit, and asset profile, to help determine the best loan for you. This person also writes Pre-Qualification letters so you can make offers on homes and establishes timelines and next steps.

Loan Processor: Once your loan application has been submitted, the Loan Processor takes over to make sure you’re providing all of the documentation required to get your loan approved.

Loan Closer: Once your loan is ready to close, the Loan Closer takes over to make sure all final documents are in order and coordinates with all parties to schedule your closing.

Required Documents

• Signed personal Federal tax returns (all pages) for the two most recent years
• W2s, 1099s & K1s (if applicable) for the two most recent years
• Two most recent paystubs for all borrowers
• Two most recent bank statements for all borrowers (all pages; screenshots are not acceptable)
• Copy of unexpired driver’s license or other government-issued ID
• Condo association contact (if applicable)
• Signed Federal business tax returns (all pages) for the two most recent years (if applicable)
• Real estate and homeowner’s insurance bills for any properties owned (if applicable)
• Copies of mortgage statements for any property owned (if applicable)

Tips for a Smooth Closing

• Stay with your current employer; discuss any pending changes with your loan officer.
• Stay with your current bank; be prepared to document any transfers between accounts.
• Be aware that any large deposits will need to be documented and verified; it is best to avoid such transactions.
• Keep your debt profile the same; avoid taking out new debt or increasing balances; continue to make timely payments.
• Avoid co-signing a loan for someone else or any new credit inquiries.
• Be sure to let your team know the best way to reach you.
• Open and respond to emails/document requests from your team within 24 hours.