What is it like working at The Coop?

Laurie Maul, Vice President and Human Resources Officer: “During the interview process, one of the questions we’re often asked is, “What is it like to work here?” We’re a local community bank, so a big part of who we are is providing financial support to our customers, but that’s not all we are. We have over 170 people who work for the Coop from all backgrounds, interests, lifestyles and talents. We work hard and we have fun celebrating our accomplishments together.”

Employee 1: “My favorite part about working at the Coop is the community involvement.”
Employee 2: “A sense of family”
Employee 3: “We try to solve problems for our customers and have them have the overall best experience.”
Employee 4: “Support for employees to learn and grow and makes the job feel less of the job and more of a career.” “You get a real bond with these people over times”
Employee 5: “We truly enjoy some of the giving aspects of the Bank and what we do and how we do it in the community.”
Employee 6: “I am me, and I have a value that I bring to this bank and they notice it.”

Lisa Oliver, President and CEO: “Relationships matter to us, from our work colleagues, to what we do in the community, to our family and friends.”

Employee 7: “As soon as you cross that bridge, you can take a deep breath”
Employee 8: “See the various seasons, the beaches are great”
Employee 9: “The best place to raise your children, good schools, it’s got a great culture”
Employee 10: “Strong, strong sense of community”
Employee 11: “It’s not spending two hours on a bus commuting back from the city, I get to go and take a nice quick 20-minute boat ride”
Employee 12: “Any town that you go to here, there’s the beaches, and woods, there’s tons of walking paths and it’s just a really great place to feed your soul it’s just it’s gorgeous.”

Lisa Oliver, President and CEO: “When you work at the Coop you have the opportunity to get involved in the community, participate in fun events and be part of something bigger than one person or one department. Working at the Coop is more than a job, you’re a valued member of our team. Come join us.”