Video Transcript: Better Way Primary Care

Shannon Kriehn: My name is Shannon Kriehn. I own Better Way Primary Care in Wareham. There’s such a huge need for quality medical care. Not a lot of primary care practices are accepting new patients, whereas I am.

I do believe that I am a pioneer. I’m the first female nurse practitioner in the state of Massachusetts – that I’m aware of – that has opened their own primary care practice completely independently. And I really have a genuinely love for our community.

I was looking for financing from a lot of different sources prior to getting involved with The Coop. Working with The Cooperative Bank has been wonderful because they let me focus on the medicine aspect and they take care of all the stuff on the periphery. Everybody there is an expert in their precise field and every single member of The Cooperative Bank that I’ve dealt with has been professional, forthcoming with great ideas.

They have a lot more business experience than I do. So, being able to rely on The Cooperative Bank has really helped to make me a bit more successful than I think I would have been without them.