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Considering Refinancing? You’re comfortable with your home, so make sure you’re comfortable with your mortgage, too. At The Coop, we offer a range of refinancing options. From saving money with a lower rate to shortening your term or converting from an Adjustable-Rate mortgage to a Fixed-Rate mortgage, our local Cape Cod loan experts will help you choose the right path.

Why refinance?

When considering refinancing your mortgage, two main reasons stand out: lowering your rate and term and taking cash out. You could simultaneously achieve this in combination with the benefits of a rate and term refinance. Everyone is a little different, speak with one of our loan officers about your “why,” and we’ll help you find the best loan for your needs!

Key Benefits

  • Reduce your monthly payment with a lower rate
  • Reduce the term of your mortgage
  • Move from Adjustable-Rate mortgage to a Fixed-Rate mortgage
  • Remove or reduce your mortgage insurance

Cash Out Refinancing

  • Consolidate your debt
  • Pay for education
  • Home improvements

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