How to Optimize Your Social Security

Our Investment Executives are certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies, and they’re ready to help you make the most of your retirement.

Should you retire at 62 and start drawing on Social Security? Though tempting, it’s most likely not in your best interest financially. Just waiting until 66 can boost your benefits, and waiting until 70 can maximize your retirement, especially as Americans are living longer.

We understand that Social Security is not an easy subject and it’s a lot of information to digest. We recently held an informative Social Security webinar, and if you missed it, we’re sharing the presentation and video:

Our investment executive – Robert Martin  – would be happy to review the presentation with you and help answer any questions. Robert is certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies, and can run your information through the Athene Retirement Optimizer tool. This will generate a report, unique to you, with scenarios that demonstrate the effect various Social Security filing strategies may have on plan capital requirements.

Social Security is far more valuable planning tool than most people realize. Let’s work together to strategize how you can best optimize your Social security and retirement. Our team is here for you!

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