Video Transcript: Lily’s Diner


Lynne Hammatt: My name is Lynne, and I own Lily’s Diner in Chatham.

Well, we’re primarily breakfast and lunch.

We’re open from 7 to 2.

We do do a few nights a week.

It’s all, honest to goodness, homemade food.

We don’t buy anything premade.

I love to cook. I love to cook for friends and family.

It’s a fabulous feeling.

I mean, the satisfaction of customers and all that. There’s nothing like it.

The Coop was instrumental in me being able to buy Lily’s.

I have always been responsible for a lot of people, like, you know, my parents, my husband’s mother.

I think that one day I went in and opened 23 accounts.

You know, if you want to look a different banks, wouldn’t you go where the people treated you how you wanted to be treated, how you would treat them?

That’s the most important.

So, that’s why I bank at The Coop – the people.