Why Having a Relationship with Your Bank Matters

Young carer walking with the elderly woman .

At The Coop, you’re not just our customer, but you’re also our friend and neighbor. Digital banking is convenient and easy to use – our system is among the best – but nothing compares to a face-to-face conversation with a product and service expert at one of our branches. We’re here for you. Your financial goals and challenges are ours, too. Having a bank that knows you is important.  Why?

Here are 4 reasons:

  • The more business you conduct with your bank, the better they know you and your financial background. That means you’re likely to get personalized, need appropriate recommendations, assistance with the application for and access to funding and improved pricing to match your relationship.
  • Your banker is a key resource when it comes to planning the next “big thing.” That “thing” might be buying a second home, financing college tuition, buying or expanding a business, or retirement. These monumental life events are stressful. We’ll ask you the right questions and then guide you through the process.
  • Your banker is a resource for continuity for future generations. Whether you have a business or personal wealth to pass down to children, planning for a smooth transition is essential. Your banker understands the complexities of the process and, along with your attorney, can ensure that your estate planning wishes (or expectations) are fulfilled.
  • Your banker can provide help to you and your business during difficult times. If you suddenly find yourself in a tight spot and need access to reserves, an established relationship with your bank will reduce the time needed to provide a solution.  Community banks, in particular, are able to make nimble decisions quickly and locally.

At The Coop, we know about you, your business, and your goals. Our role isn’t to “sell” but to offer expert guidance to help you reach your financial goals. Regular communication or meetings with us to review your finances are a key part of your financial health. At The Coop, our door is always open.


Lisa Oliver CEO The Coop Lisa Oliver is the President & CEO of The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod.