Project Linus: Tips and Recommendations for Blanketmaking

Acceptable blanket making Ideas and Tips

A Project Linus blanket is a new, handmade, washable blanket. Please insure that your blankets are free from smokey smells or any chemicals, which could cause problems for a child. While we love creativity, please do not use embellishments such as buttons, glitter, beads or sequins, as these may pose a danger to the child. The following is a list of blanket making tips, patterns and ideas:

Blanket Types

There are many ways to create a Project Linus Blanket. Be sure to check out the patterns that are available at or use your own favorite pattern! Here are a just a few ideas:

  • Afghans – Afghans are made of yarn that is crocheted or knitted into a blanket.
  • Receiving Blankets – A piece of flannel fabric can be stitched into a receiving blanket by hemming the edge.
  • Fleece Blankets – Pieces of polar fleece may be purchased and it takes very little work to create a blanket. Serging or hemming, or cutting a fringed edge which takes no sewing at all may finish off the edge.
  • Quilts or Tied Comforters – A quilt is defined as a blanket with three layers; a top, batting in the center and backing.

Blanket Sizes

Blankets may be of any size, but you may consider using these guidelines:

  • Preemie Blankets – 30” x 40” or 36”x 36”
  • Baby Blankets – 36” x 36” or 36” x 42”
  • Toddler through Pre-Teen – 40” x 60”
  • Teen-sized Blanket – at least 72” long … polar fleece comes in 50” wide, 2 yards makes a nice blanket.