CCCB Green Initiative

For years we have collected and recycled cans and bottles throughout the bank, donating all bottle return fees as part of our annual donation to the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund. Our corporate policy has always been to conserve, from our energy footprint, to the office supplies we use every day. And, when we built our new Operations Center three years ago it was with an eye toward consolidating departments and conserving both energy and resources.

Our quarterly CCCB Newsletter had quite a following; customers especially love the recipes… We were printing it on recycled paper, but then we thought we could go a step “greener” and use email to deliver it. Since we have introduced our email newsletter, which we can now publish more frequently by doing it electronically, we have steadily increased our subscription rate. As a result, we have been able to share even more helpful tips and timely information, including all those delicious table tested recipes that our customers swear by!

Our Online Banking service is a very “Green” option. Our Online Banking customers save time, save money on postage and save resources by having their payments made electronically. Their payments are even more secure than traveling through the postal service and can reach the vendor almost instantly, helping to avoid late payments. It’s easy, convenient and most definitely a win-win!

Last year, the Bank received an Environmental Award from Cintas Corporation, recognized for our efforts and commitment to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources by shredding and recycling paper. From June 2008 through May 2009, we saved the equivalent of; 578 trees, 102 cubic yards of landfill, 68 barrels of oil and 238,000 gallons of water. And that will continue, but lately we have been taking a hard look at what more we can do…

In March 2010, our Human Resources Department challenged all employees to “Go Green for Charity” by opting to go paperless with their paychecks. If more than 50% signed up, the Bank pledged to donate a sum for each employee to the CCT Needy Fund. A total of $330 dollars was raised when more than 57% of employees signed up! Our HR Department, a leading force in our ever “greening” trend, continues to seek ways to integrate paperless options for employee access to bankwide policies as well as their personal work history, salary and benefits information.

Beginning in May we are introducing Better Statements to our customers. Better Statements will be delivered in a new, improved format using check imaging and will arrive neatly sorted, printed on three-hole punch paper, ready to store in a convenient binder. Digital copies of all checks will be kept on secure permanent record here at the bank allowing ready access if ever needed, in a format preferred by government agencies and a court of law. A vast improvement over the traditional microfilm method used to store checks in the past.

But we are really excited about the work scheduled to begin in May 2010 on a new Solar Project planned for the Operations Center located in the Hyannis Industrial Park. This project will turn a sun-baked slope at the back of our new building into a solar farm that will provide energy for the Bank and the grid. This is our first step into the world of sustainable energy and we are proud to be doing it.

Like you, we will continually search out and implement energy saving strategies and practices and invest in products and services that provide green alternative solutions. Our Cape Cod home is a treasure and an inspiration to us all.