For mortgages of all sizes, we can help make that happen.

Here at The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod, we help make life happen. We understand the dreams and goals of our clients at every age and every stage. For some, that means looking for a jumbo mortgage to pursue a first or second home. Things are moving fast here, and you need a savvy local partner to help your offer get accepted.

Fixed & Adjustable-Rate Mortgages & Jumbo Loans

Our Fixed Rate mortgages offer a consistent rate and payment for the life of the loan, and our Adjustable five-, seven- and ten-year rate programs have periodic and lifetime caps. Jumbo loans offer fixed or adjustable rates for mortgages exceeding the conforming loan limit.

Mortgage Refinance

Not on good terms with your mortgage? Secure a lower rate, shorten your terms, take cash out, or convert from an Adjustable Rate Mortgage to a Fixed Rate Mortgage. Our local Cape Cod experts will help you find the best loan for your needs.

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First Time Homebuyers Programs

We offer a variety of mortgage programs for first-time homebuyers that feature low to no down payments, extended loan terms, discounted interest rates, government-backed loan programs, and more flexible underwriting standards.

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Construction Loans

Construction loans are typically short-term loans designed to help you buy land and build your dream home, build on land you already own, or remodel your current home. When construction is finished, the mortgage coverts to a fully amortizing principal and interest loan.

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Home Equity Lines & Loans

Are you looking to renovate or build an addition? Maybe you’re planning for a graduation, a vacation or just to pay off credit cards? We can help make that happen with a Home Equity Line of Credit.


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