We understand that you need to spend your time keeping the checks coming in, not driving them to the bank. Batch process your check deposits from the comfort of your computer. Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a safe, convenient way for businesses to make check deposits without going to the bank. RDC is a service that allows the user to scan checks and transmit these images for deposit. The basic requirements for an RDC service currently include a PC, an internet connection, and a check scanner. Checks you receive can be scanned to create a digital deposit. This digital deposit is then transmitted (over an encrypted internet connection) to us. We accept and post the deposit to your account and assign availability based upon our funds availability schedule. Additional terms, conditions, and fees may apply.

This service is most suitable to business customers who:

  • Accept a large quantity of checks as a normal course of business
  • May need to deposit checks multiple times a day or week
If you would like to learn more about how RDC may help your business, please visit one of our conveniently located branches or call our Customer Assistance Center at 508.568.3400.

Remote Deposit Capture

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