Manage your cash position while earning more on daily operating assets. With this account, any funds above a pre-designated amount are “swept” into an interest bearing account. If your checking balance drops below that amount, funds are automatically swept back to cover expenses. Sweep accounts make it easy to grow your assets without getting a headache.

Sweep Accounts Summary

Funds in excess of the target balance are invested in an Overnight Repurchase Agreement1 and are fully collateralized by government securities. So you can be assured that your money is safe.

  • Make the most of idle balances
  • Optimize use of your daily operating cash
  • Maintain liquidity
  • A maximum of the target balance is always maintained in the linked checking account
  • Free automated daily transfers
  • Detailed monthly statement shows all transactions
1Overnight Repurchase Agreements are secured obligations of the Bank. Any amounts placed in the Overnight Repurchase Agreement are not deposits of the Bank, are not insured by the FDIC or DIF and are not guaranteed in any way by the United States Government or any of its agencies.


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IMPORTANT ACCOUNT INFORMATION FOR OUR BUSINESS CUSTOMERS: Transactions restricted by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 are prohibited from being processed through commercial accounts as of December 1, 2009. For questions about this policy please contact a branch representative or our Customer Assistance Center at 508.568.3400.

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