100 Reasons to Love The Coop - Reason #44: The Coop is committed to our community. 100 Reasons to Love The Coop - Reason #27: I feel like I am the bank's most important customer. 100 Reasons to Love The Coop - Reason #62: Best staff of any bank, anywhere. 100 Reasons to Love The Coop - Reason #56: The Coop always goes the extra mile for my business. 100 Reasons to Love The Coop - Reason #99: They don't believe in 100 Reasons to Love The Coop - Reason #96: At The Coop, I'm more than just a number.

100 Reasons to Love The Coop!

The Coop was founded on July 19, 1921, as a mutual community bank serving residents of the Cape and has remained true to that commitment for the past century. To celebrate our exciting anniversary, we’ve come up with 100 Reasons to Love The Coop with the help of our clients and employees. 100 Reasons to Love The Coop highlights what The Coop has meant to generations of Cape Cod residents, businesses, and employees over the century. We are and always will be a community bank. Together we have met challenges and experienced successes. We have helped build homes, rallied behind small business owners, supported clients from their first savings account all the way to retirement, and all while supporting nonprofit organizations across the Cape commitment to community and charitable giving. We are excited about this year and our future together!

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$100K in 100 Days graphic
Usually, when someone has a birthday they receive gifts, but at The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod we’re doing things a little differently. We’re celebrating by giving back to our community. In the 100 days leading up to our birthday, we’re donating an additional $100,000 to nonprofit organizations on Cape Cod! For a full listing of the 37 nonprofit organizations we gave to, please check out the link below.

$100K in 100 Days



100th anniversary cookies

Maria at Smart Cookiez by Zucchero created beautiful and tasty cookies for our clients to enjoy. Thank you, Maria!

From all of us, thank you for celebrating our 100th anniversary with us!
After all, everyone has played a part in helping us reaching this significant milestone.
Here’s to the next 100 years!

Branch Celebration



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We partnered with Cape Cod Beer to create a special centennial brew to celebrate our 100th anniversary. Todd and Beth Marcus expertly and patiently guided us through a tasting. Based on employee feedback, we chose the fourth beer option and named our anniversary beer “No. 4. From the Vault.” This delicious pale ale was made from a collaboration of six malts and four varieties of hops, which presented with notes of light toast and caramel undertones. As a tribute to our 100th anniversary, Centennial Hops gave this special beer its spicy aroma.


Word Cloud - in the shape of '100' made up of words like community, partner, family, service, care.

Reasons to Love The Coop

We’ve come up with 100 Reasons to Love The Coop by surveying our clients and employees, and we quickly realized there are over a million reasons to love The Coop! Here are some of the reasons that stood out to us:

  1. Our dedicated employees who show up every day to support our wonderful clients, and each other.
  2. Local decision making.
  3. I bank with them and they shop at my business.
  4. All the friendly Coop faces.
  5. They sponsor our local events.
  6. They helped me and my business during the pandemic.
  7. They communicate openly and transparently.
  8. The Yarmouth Port branch helped me get my PPP loan approved!
  9. Extraordinary dedication to employees and clients.
  10. The East Dennis branch helped me get documents notarized through the drive-up.
  11. The mortgage team kept me updated during my entire mortgage process.
  12. I love the people at The Coop!
  13. Even though we couldn’t meet in person (thanks, COVID), they took great care of me.
  14. The Marstons Mills branch helped me set up “Bill Pay” after I bought my first car.
  15. The Tech Ambassadors are so helpful.
  16. The Coop came to the rescue when there was fraud on my account.
  17. The Coop prioritizes small, local businesses.
  18. My grandparents, my parents, us, our kids… we all bank at The Coop.
  19. The staff goes out of their way to make things easier for us.
  20. I needed help updating technology, and the Sandwich Branch was there for me.
  21. They ask for customer feedback, and actually listen.
  22. The community service your bank delivers.
  23. The service and the people.
  24. It’s so easy to bank with The Coop online.
  25. The staff at the East Harwich branch!
  26. The Coop delivered an outstanding response to PPP applications.
  27. I feel like I am the bank’s most important customer.
  28. When I came into the branch to open an account, the bank manager personally welcomed me, and shook my hand right there in the lobby (Pre-COVID).
  29. They know my dog’s name and always have a biscuit for him.
  30. I received a free gift when I opened an account.
  31. The West Barnstable Branch gives me personal attention and makes me feel like I am part of the family.
  32. Their warm and inviting culture.
  33. Employees volunteer throughout the community and serve on local boards of directors.
  34. The Coop Foundation does great things on the Cape.
  35. They’re easy to work with and so knowledgeable.
  36. They recognize good employees and promote from within.
  37. Coop employees rally together to fundraise and volunteer.
  38. The Coop honors and celebrates veterans and their families.
  39. The Coop is like my business partner, they contribute to my success.
  40. My kids deposited their allowance there 25 years ago, and still bank there.
  41. No matter your issue, they are there for you.
  42. The Coop is a great leader and generous supporter and partner of Cape Cod Young Professionals — especially in a time of crisis.
  43. The Hyannis Branch helped us through an emergency when we were out of the country.
  44. The Coop is committed to our community.
  45. They help keep the local craft brewery and spirits scene alive.
  46. Some of their employees are “Bigs” for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cape Cod & the Islands.
  47. The Coop has helped us at Seaside LeMans raise more than $7 million for more than 50 local nonprofits over 20 years.
  48. They made our mortgage easy.
  49. They raise money for nonprofits through their charity jeans days.
  50. I love their partnership and community focus!
  51. The CEO, Lisa, donated her refrigerator to Champ Homes!
  52. They hold Annual Food Drives in their branches to support local food pantries!
  53. They were great to work with when we bought our vacation house.
  54. The Coop empowers and defends the potential of Cape Cod’s young people.
  55. The Coop was my summer job for six years and I loved it.
  56. They always go the extra mile for my business.
  57. The Coop is a great part of our summer life on the Cape.
  58. They communicate better than any bank I’ve ever had.
  59. They’ve been on the Cape for 100 years – who could know it better?
  60. They help the homeless on the Cape through Duffy Health
  61. The Coop reminds me of summers on the Cape.
  62. They have the best staff of any bank, anywhere.
  63. My first ATM card was from The Coop, and I still have that account.
  64. They treat me right.
  65. They helped me “reCoop” during the pandemic.
  66. They had me at hello.
  67. All the branch locations are convenient.
  68. No surcharges at non-Coop ATMs in the Allpoint network.
  69. Great digital banking services.
  70. They do so much more than just write a check, they built a meaningful relationship with our nonprofit organization.
  71. One-stop banking.
  72. They have everything I need under one roof.
  73. They’re independent and they answer to their customers.
  74. Their charitable giving really makes a difference right here on the Cape.
  75. They have great financial education resources.
  76. They really listen.
  77. They care about their customers.
  78. They work hard to build good customer relationships.
  79. It’s in their name: they “cooperate” with so many Cape Cod organizations!
  80. They put the “you” in community banking.
  81. Their employees help build houses with Habitat for Humanity.
  82. The Coop supports the arts on the Cape.
  83. For many years, one of their employees has volunteered to make 20 pounds of mashed potatoes for Champ Homes for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
  84. “Without you, where would I be?”
  85. They provided a grant for Falmouth Schools to purchase tents for outdoor learning during COVID!
  86. They support the foodbanks on Cape Cod.
  87. They invest in education by helping the Cape Cod Literacy Council and Falmouth Schools.
  88. The Coop even helps people who aren’t their customers.
  89. They helped me balance my checkbook and dropped it off at my home when transportation was an issue for me.
  90. They asked my non-profit, “How can we help you on a deeper level beyond writing a check?” They really care!
  91. They’re independent…not owned by a national company.
  92. They’re ethical.
  93. They treat everyone equally, no matter how much money you have in the bank.
  94. I love The Coop because they invest in people.
  95. I wouldn’t use any other bank!
  96. At The Coop, I’m more than just a number.
  97. They thrive because they help me to thrive.
  98. Helping Coop customers isn’t just my job. It’s my passion!
  99. They don’t believe in “one size fits all” banking.
  100. They’ve been around for 100 years.
  101. They’ll be around for 100 more!


Keep checking back as we continue to celebrate and share our celebration with you!


We’re turning 100!


April: Bank conceived by many of the people who worked for the First National Bank of Yarmouth. When that commercial bank reached its maximum statutory limit to issue residential loans, it formed the cooperative bank.

First National Bank of Yarmouth w/Cape Cod Cooperative Bank office

July: Chartered as Cape Cod Cooperative Bank.

F. Howard Hinckley President of the bank in 1921
  • Bank opens inside First National Bank in Yarmouth Port. 
  • F. Howard Hinckley named president – Frank Howard Hinckley was an incorporator and first president of the Cape Cod Cooperative Bank. He also served as a director of the First National Bank of Yarmouth. When he took the office in 1921, the Bank’s assets were $1,611

Construction begins on Cape Cod Cooperative Bank in Yarmouth Port.

Yarmouth Register, 8/6/1948

Front page of The Yarmouth Register from 1948

Architect Walter M. Gaffney has designed the two buildings to be in keeping with the character and beauty of the village, and to conform to Cape architecture in general. … Entering from the vestibule into the lobby, there is a banking space at the rear and private offices for the treasurer at the right. This bank also has a vault. To the left of the lobby is the directors’ room with fireplace, and opening from this room is a toilet. To the right of the banking space is a hall connecting with the rest room, toilets, a janitor’s closet, and stairway from basement to the second floor. There is also an incinerator with opening on the first floor. … The contract was awarded to John Lebel of Osterville. … Construction to end in May


June: Yarmouth Port branch opens; assets reported at $2.5 million.

Yarmouth Port branch in 1949

November: Harriett G. Chase of Hyannis named Assistant Treasurer.

Harriett G. Chase of Hyannis assistant treasurer

Harriett G. Chase was elected Assistant Treasurer, the Bank’s first female officer. Miss Chase had been an employee of the Bank since June of 1949.


F. Howard Hinckley retires.

Bank’s assets in 1956 were $4.5 million.

Roswell H. Nye becomes president – Roswell H. Nye was a director for 35 years, served on the security committee for 25 years.

Portrait of Roswell Nye

Fun fact: Rosewell H. Nye is of the Nye family in Sandwich and served as president of the Nye Family Association


Roswell H. Nye steps down as president.

Nye Crowell named president – Nye Crowell started as a clerk with the Bank in 1946. He was named treasurer in 1950 and became a director in 1955.

Portrait of Nye Crowell

East Dennis, 1591 Main St. (6A), opens.

East Dennis Office since from 1966

The Bank operated with a single branch in Yarmouth Port for 45 years. The East Dennis branch was the Bank’s second branch to open.


West Barnstable, 1121 Route 6A., opens.

West Barnstable branch

15 years after the opening of the Bank’s second branch in East Dennis, the Bank opened its 3rd branch on Route 6A – expanding into the West Barnstable market – in May of 1981.


Nye Crowell retires.

Joel Crowell named president.

Joel being sworn in

Joel Crowell is the nephew of Nye Crowell. Joel started with the Bank in 1969 it its East Dennis branch. He served as treasurer from 1976-83. Bank’s assets in 1983 were $69.5 million.


The Bank expands to offer commercial banking services. Andy Eldridge is the Bank’s first Commercial Relationship Manager.


Sandwich, 275 Cotuit Road., opens.

Exterior of CBCC bank in Sandwich

The Bank’s forth branch to open expanding service into the town of Sandwich.


Hyannis, 695 Attucks Lane., opens.

Hyannis branch

Build 37,000-square-foot operations and administration building at 25 Benjamin Franklin Way, Hyannis.

Operations center

East Harwich, 1470 Orleans Road., opens.

Exterior of CBCC bank in East Harwich

#CharityJeansDay launches.

The program, coordinated by the CCCB Employee Involvement Committee, allows employees to wear denim to work on pay day Fridays for a monetary contribution. The funds are collected and dispersed to employee-selected Cape Cod charitable organizations.


Bank launches Stuff-a-Stocking campaign, collecting new, unwrapped toys at all branches to donate to the Boys and Girls Club.

Stockings stuffed with toys

Bank rebrands to be called The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod.

Rebrand of the logo, before and after

Falmouth, 649 Main Street, Loan and Business Development office opens.

Ribbon cutting at the bank on Main Street

Meeting market demands, the Bank breaks into the Falmouth market with a Loan and Business Development office.

Renovation of Yarmouth Port and East Dennis branches.

On the left in the interior of the bank branch, on the right is the exterior

The interior and exterior of both branches were completely renovated and feature a larger lobby, state-of-the-art technology, a customer lounge with a digital communication display and coffee bar, a new 24-hour full-service drive-up ATM, and a signature Cape-style front porch.


North Falmouth, 660 N. Falmouth Way, opens.

North Falmouth branch

The Bank’s eighth location and first full-service location in Falmouth after Loan and Business Development office opened last year.

Marstons Mills, 3878 Falmouth Road, opens.

Exterior of CBCC bank

The Bank continues its growth and commitment to the community with its first branch on the Cape’s south side, Route 28 in Marstons Mills.


Falmouth, 238 Worcester Court, opens, relocated from 649 Main Street, turned into full service branch.

Worscester branch

Joel Crowell retires.

Lisa Oliver named president.

Portrait of President Lisa Oliver

Lisa is the Bank’s 5th president, and first female to assume the role.


Launched The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod Charitable Foundation Trust.

This marks an exciting next chapter in our story of giving. The Coop Foundation will allow us to significantly extend and increase the reach of our philanthropy. We celebrated the Foundation’s debut in December by awarding $105,000 in one time and multi-year grants to four charitable organizations.



Each of The Coop’s nine branches has designated Tech Ambassadors, whose role is to assist customers with online and mobile banking. Bring in your device − phone (Apple or Android), tablet, laptop − and our Tech Ambassadors can work through problems.

Tech ambassador helping a customer with their mobile app

February: Small Business Association names the Bank an SBA Preferred Lender, a designation allows The Coop to streamline loan decisions for small business clients.

Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod Small Business Association

Bank surpasses $1 billion in assets.

Begin renovation of headquarters at 25 Benjamin Franklin Way. Expected finish date is by July 19, 2021.

Bank and Coop Foundation distribute more than $500,000, including Pandemic Relief Grants to 24 local organizations.

Amanda Converse, CEO and founder of Love Live Local, right stands in the Love Live Local store, 539 South St., Hyannis, with John Cooke, Coop Marketing Officer, and Sheryl Walsh, Coop Chief Consumer & Small Business Banking Officer.

Amanda Converse, CEO and founder of Love Live Local, right stands in the Love Live Local store, 539 South St., Hyannis, with John Cooke, Coop Marketing Officer, and Sheryl Walsh, Coop Chief Consumer & Small Business Banking Officer. “The Cape Cod Resilience Fund is vitally important to our community because the money raised goes directly to the Cape’s small business owners to help keep their doors open during the pandemic,” said Lisa Oliver, Chair, President and CEO of The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod. The Cape Cod Resilience Fund was established by Love Live Local, an organization dedicated to community advocacy and educating consumers on the importance of shopping local.


The Coop to Celebrate 100th Anniversary!

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  • 7/19/2021 – The Bank celebrates its 100 year anniversary.
  • In 2021, Bank’s assets at $1.2 billion.