100 Reasons to Love The Coop

Hi, I’m Lisa Oliver, President, CEO and Chair of The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod.
2020 was a year that tested our resiliency, as a community and as a bank.
Together, we’ve adjusted how we live and work to meet the demands of the pandemic and to keep each other safe.
But, The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod has always demonstrated its resiliency since we were established in 1921.
In the past 100 years, we’ve supported Cape Codders through public health issues such as polio; we’ve lived through wars and natural disasters like the 1938 hurricane, Blizzard of ’78, and tornadoes of 2019.
And though we haven’t shaken COVID just yet, there is hope in 2021.
And 2021 has special significance for The Coop.
Our bank will turn 100 years old this year! In fact, our “birthday” is July 19th.
This is an exciting milestone – as it not only underscores our resiliency – but also signifies what The Coop has meant to generations of Cape Codders.
We are, and always will be, a community bank. Together, we’ve met challenges and experienced successes.
We’ve helped build homes, rallied behind small business owners, supported clients from their first savings account all the way to retirement, and all the while giving to nonprofit organizations across the Cape.
Over the coming months, we’ll celebrate those stories and so much more with you. They’ll come in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.
One element that will link everything together is our new anniversary logo.
Though we know there are more than 100 reasons to love The Coop, we plan on having some fun with this theme throughout the year.
So, please stay tuned for more at my-cape-cod-bank-dot-com as we celebrate our 100th anniversary.
We’re excited about this year and our future!